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Why Consumers Are Choosing Lab Grown Diamonds

A diamond ring is a classic symbol of love and commitment, but today’s consumers are keenly aware of the impact a diamond purchase can have on local populations and ecosystems. Socially and environmentally conscientious consumers have found a viable alternative to mined diamonds: lab-grown diamonds

Advantages of Lab Grown Diamonds

  • Less expensive: a lab-grown diamond is 40% less expensive than a mined diamond. Lab-grown diamonds use far fewer natural resources and have a shorter supply chain. 

  • Carefully sourced: unlike a mined diamond, a lab-grown diamond is guaranteed to be conflict-free. It travels directly from the laboratory to a diamond outlet. 

  • A true alternative: a lab-grown diamond has the same crystal structure and chemical composition as a mined diamond. The two can only be distinguished using specialized equipment. 

  • Custom designs: lab-grown diamonds are created under specific and controlled conditions making it possible to create more unique cuts such as marquise, pearl, and emerald shapes. Lab-grown diamonds can also be purposefully crafted to exhibit colors rarely found in mined diamonds, such as yellow, blue, pink, or red.

Disadvantages of Lab Grown Diamonds

  • Unknown resale value: while the larger supply of lab-grown diamonds translates into a lower purchase cost, this decreased scarcity means they may have less resale value than mined diamonds. 
  • Can be seen as “less special": although a lab-grown diamond is chemically and optically the same as a mined diamond, the difference in their creation can lead some people to feel that a lab-grown diamond is “less special” than a mined diamond. 

Choose Superia Lab Grown Diamonds for Your Manufactured and Lab Grown Diamonds

When selecting a diamond, you must consider what you value most about it.  We all value beauty, but the decision is more nuanced for some.  For a carefully sourced, environmentally friendly, and more accessible diamond option, choose a lab-grown diamond by Superia.

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